A tribute to Gradius!!!!

i've been under the radar recently working on new pieces and decided it was about time i uploaded something new for a change enjoy the new piece. the model is 4,000 tri's and rendering took a total of 20 min

version 2/3

version 2 is done, next version will be the last. then i start texturing

large scale scene with new characters WIP #1

well here is a taste of the next piece i am working on.i will be adding riot shield troopes and the gouf model to the scene as well. overall my general plan for this scene will be to place them in a pretty high contrast desert or urban environment to show off this shot. and i will have a turn about for the trooper and the hero character in the next update well enjoy.

cyber punk rotation and assault rifle render

well decided to model the props first before texturing the entire piece. so here is a rotation vid as well as a render of the assault rifle...well enjoy

Phoenix rework

The cyberpunk model is almost finished. work has been keeping me busy but i did have a chance to rework the phoenix model's textures a while back and decided to upload it... enjoy

Cyber Punk Wip

well it took a while i decided to trash the last model and rebuild her from scratch. here is the untextured rigged version. i'm hoping to have it in zbrush and textured by the end of the week. well enjoy...

here is test version of what she might look like when finished

Cyber Punk WIP

its been a while... been refining my skills in Zbrush recently. her is a wip for my newest piece. the finished part will be up in a week at most. mostly just finishing up a few detail passes